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The FIA F4 Chinese Championship is authorized by FIA, CAMF and MITIME MOTORSPORTS CO., LTD. The event is designed to fill the gap between the cardin and F3, to set up a road for young drivers to move from carting to F4 to F3, F2, and eventually to F1. The event, which introduced China, marked the country's real international formula competition. The F4 is one of the world's most influential and large-scale formula events. The annual champion will go to the fia to present the award with the world champion drivers, including the formula one world championship. Drivers participating in the event can receive an integral from the fia super license.

The FIA F4 Chinese Championship racing frame by the French formula manufacture company MYGALE, using dial the seven-speed, motivation for Geely naturally aspirated 2.0 L engine, vehicle weight 630 kg, top speed of 240 km. The tournament sets up the driver's cup and the team cup, and holds 6-7 RACES each year.