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Battle report | 2019 Shell Helix fia F4, CFGP zhuhai qualifying: Zijian He strategy win strong pole
On the morning of May 3, 2019 Shell Helix fia F4, formula China grand prix started the intense qualifying at zhuhai international circuit. It was cloudy in zhuhai at the start of the race, but the track was a bit slippery due to rain. All cars are equipped with the official tyres - kumho tyres race.

During the 30 minutes of qualifying, the track dried out and the drivers' results were constantly refreshed. Finally, from the speed horse power team he zijian, fan gaoxiang occupy one, three positions. BlackArts Racing's New Zealand junior clark was second.

Shang zongyi of x-racing team was also the focus when he came to the qualifying session. At 9:25, the 2019 shell heineken F4, CFGP qualifying begins. Shang zongyi took the lead in making the first time circle, and fixed the time of 1:50.902 on the top of the list. For as long as ten minutes, few could shake his position. It was not until ren juncheng of the racing car team started to make efforts that he came to the second place in 1:51.223, only second to shang zongyi in 0.321 seconds.

On the next lap, the high-horsepower fan broke the silence and rose to the first place with a lap time of 1:50.187. Meanwhile, clark rose to the second place, leading shang by 0.715 seconds. The race went into dramatic mode, and soon fan set the pace at 1:49.038 on his seventh lap, breaking the mark of 1:50. After two more laps, clark finished 1:48.713 ahead of fan on the eighth lap of 1:48.985, a comparable lap that kept them alternating.

He zijian, who has been on the sidelines, then joined the war, and he inadvertently rose to the third place with a score of 1:50.193. Meanwhile, team-mate fan gaoxiang beat clark on the 10th lap to regain the top spot with a score of 1:47.627. Soon after, he zijian came up behind his teammate by 0.965 seconds and clark was pushed into third place. As the track gets drier, the drivers are all getting better. Then shang zongyi and he zijian exchange ranking return to the top three. Clark took the fastest time of 1:46.865 on the ninth lap.

Less than 5 minutes from the end of qualifying, he zijian and clark exchange position again, the scene of the game exciting. In the end, he zijian finished pole position 01:45.254 to end the suspense qualifying, clark won the second place by 0.720, fan gaoxiang third, shang zongyi fourth. In addition, zeng weiye, lv xinmin and Yin Ming were awarded the top three in the master group.

Attachment: qualifying official results


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