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Battle report | 2019 Shell Helix fia F4 zhuhai : Clark reaps third title of season
On the afternoon of May 3, 2019 Shell Helix fia F4 launched the annual third round competition at zhuhai international circuit. New Zealand's Jason Clarke scored a hat-trick as he claimed the title after winning the opening two legs. Speed horse team he zijian pole back to the second place, x-racing team shang zongyi returned to the race won the third place.

At the beginning of the race, it was cloudy in zhuhai with cool temperature and dry track. All cars are equipped with the official tyres - the ECSTA S700 dry tyres supplied by kumho. According to the qualifying results, number 22 he zijian started from pole position, next to number 11 driver clark. No. 68 fan gaoxiang and no. 5 shang zongyi start from the second row.

At 13:15, 14 cars in the start of the big straight line, ready to warm up the tire ring, the race officially started. After a smooth start, he zijian took the lead into the corner, and all the other cars passed the first corner. Superior duel the most attractive, a few corners, shang zongyi began to fan gaoxiang launched a fierce attack. Finally, in the end of the first circle, shang zongyi succeeded in surpassing fan gaoxiang and completed the exchange of positions.

The race entered the second lap, the focus of the court on clark's pursuit of he zijian. Midstream tribe is also wonderful, friends from afar to the team zhu yuanjie and vertical and horizontal jike team he xi xi, xie zhiyi fight into a group. Later you can see that the speed of the dominant clark he zijian completed a clean beyond.

Five laps later, clark, he zijian still have to keep abreast of the formation, clark want to defend behind the tiger eyeing the master, not only need stable speed, but also need a strong psychological quality. Master group respect, Yin Ming of GEEKE motorcade and han yingfu of British force motorcade launched intense dispute.

Halfway through the race, he zijian still did not find the right opportunity to take back the lead, and xuanfeng team li zihao was behind the opponent, the position has slipped. In the master group, BAR Motorsports team zeng weiye hit the grass at the end of the seventh lap and continued the race after the car was saved. Yin Ming was a bit less lucky, because the mistake slipped his racing car rushed into the sand pool, can only withdraw from the fight.

More than 10 laps later, the drivers on the field did not slack off, still fighting for glory. While pushing the car to its limits, it is also important to protect the tyres. Leading clark, he zijian at this time has taken a considerable distance, leading shang zongyi up to three seconds. For the fifth place for he xi xi, xie zhiyi, the contest will continue until the end of the game.

In the end, after clark's perfect performance in the opener, he zijian won the third championship of the season by 1.972 seconds, and shang zongyi came back as the third runner-up. Clark also made the fastest lap of the race in 1:41.963. Lv xinmin, han yingfu and zeng weiye were the top three in the master group. Shell Helix fia F4 is scheduled to start at 55 on Saturday, May 4, with drivers starting with the winner of the third round.

Attachment: official result of the third round


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