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review of 2019 Shell Helix fia F4, CFGP zhuhai station: the elite gathered "rookie" attack
From May 2nd to 4th, 2019Shell Helix fia F4, the second stop of Chinese formula grand prix, completed the final competition of three rounds at zhuhai international circuit. Each round of 16 rounds of fierce fighting, is the test is the exercise, but also the rookie and master each other to learn and grow together the perfect stage.

I still remember that in the opening race in mid-april, the drivers of Shell Helix fia F4 and CFGP drove the most top formula cars in China, and put on a brilliant performance in the F1 grand prix, opening a new chapter of Chinese motor sports. The second stop of the race moved to zhuhai. To our great surprise, the champion driver shang zongyi (x-racing team) of last season came back strongly. At the same time, he zijian's speed and horsepower team also joined a general, that is, in recent years in the rally cross-country field active young driver fan gaoxiang.

New season new start

For those who are familiar with Shell Helix fia F4 and CFGP, there is no need for more information about shang, who became involved in the 2013 season. In six years, shang zongyi has long been from the unknown rookie, metamorphosed into the domestic top formula in the king. At the same time, he has a better understanding of motor sports.

In an interview, he said the 2019 season would be a year of transition. "This year I started the x-racing team and have more identities than just drivers. I want to try to do some of the behind-the-scenes work for the team and continue to work on the formula one even if I'm not racing myself. At present, the x-racing team is the first and only formula Racing team in henan province. It is believed that shang zongyi, who has rich experience in competition, can lead this elite team to make new strides in the new season and realize the cherished dream in his heart.

The gathering of old friends is like a tiger with wings added

It is no exaggeration to say that the speed and horsepower team's performance in zhuhai is unrivaled, which has to mention the addition of fan gaoxiang. He zijian, the main driver of the team, and fan gaoxiang have been friends for many years. Speaking of formula one, he zijian couldn't hide his excitement: "I have tried all kinds of RACES, but in the end I like formula one the most. In my heart, this is the purest motor sport." Because of this, he zijian sent an invitation to fan gaoxiang.

As a matter of fact, fan gaoxiang has made great efforts in rally racing in recent years. In the 2018 season, he just won the championship of driver of the year in rally racing. After all, over time, there have been a number of iterations. "Zijian helped me a lot in the practice before the game." Knowing the enemy and knowing himself is the key to success, said fan. With the help of his old friends, he is able to familiarize himself with the formula car in front of him and know his opponents in the shortest time.

Looking back at the zhuhai race, it is not hard to find that he zijian, shang zongyi and fan gaoxiang have won the championship of the third, fourth and fifth round of the CFGP season. The master passes the move, the move is wonderful, this also side explained the competition competes fiercely, the competitive level is high.

Next, the 2019 Shell Helix fia F4 and Chinese formula grand prix will have a summer break of more than two months. At the end of July, the race will continue for the third leg in tianjin. How will the championship team defend its glory? Will there be any rookie breakout success? Passion inheritance, please look forward to.

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