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After the focus | kumho tires for Shell Helix fia F4, CFGP escort
During the golden week holiday from May 2nd to 4th, 2019Shell Helix FIA F4 Chinese Championship and China Formula Grand Prix played a song of speed and passion in zhuhai.

This race is the second leg of the 2019 season after the Shanghai opening race on April 14. The 2019Shell Helix FIA F4 Chinese Championship and CFGP travel south to the zhuhai international circuit. Completed in 1996, this track in zhuhai is the first large-scale permanent track in China. There are 14 bends with different angles distributed on the track with a total length of about 4.3 kilometers. It is a classic stop&go layout, which tests the performance of tires very much.

The zhuhai race consisted of two sessions of free practice, one qualifying session and three rounds of the race (the third, fourth and fifth rounds in total). As 2019 shell heineken F4, CFGP official strategic partner and officially designated tires, kumho tires with ECSTA S700 dry tyres and ECSTA W700 wetland this season for all the vehicles, for the Formula 4 cars in the race to provide comprehensive support and protection, strong grip and low loss to help the drivers on the field more bravely to drive the car for their own success.

During the competition, the weather in zhuhai was unpredictable, sometimes clear and sometimes cloudy. According to the weather forecast, showers are expected to fall at any time. If the rain pours, there will be water inside the track. If the rain comes and goes in a hurry, the wet track will become dry gradually as the race progresses. In this case, the team must be very careful about the car tuning and tire selection, but also the performance of the grip of the tire put forward higher requirements. Obviously, whether it is practice, qualifying or as many as three rounds of the race, kumho tires with consistently high quality, high performance, for the entire formula racing provided absolute guarantee.

Take the third round final of this race as an example, this round adopts the first ten reverse starts (that is, the relatively fast drivers start from the middle of the grid), and the official start of the race is arranged after the opening ceremony. Shortly before the opening ceremony, when the rain had just left, all formula 1 cars were fitted with ECSTA W700 wet tyres for the opening lap. When the drivers learned about the track, the technicians effectively changed the driver to ECSTA S700 dry tyres to meet the challenge, considering the lane had become dry and there was no water. Finally, in the kumho tires excellent grip under the escort, a crazy overtaking wonderful drama another car fans cheer boiling.

As the official strategic partner of the 2019Shell Helix FIA F4 Chinese Championship, and the official designated tire of the Chinese formula grand prix, kumqua tire will go hand in hand with these two top domestic formula events. Over the years of close cooperation, but also make the two sides have a full understanding and trust. It is believed that whether recalling the past or looking forward to the future, kumho tire has played a significant role in the development of Chinese sports events.

Farewell to zhuhai's unforgettable, the next race will be moved to tianjin at the end of July. Thanks to kumho tire for its long-term support to the formula one events of mingtai racing. After the summer break, let's get together again!

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