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Fiery Test Run: Racing Drivers of Shell Cup FIA F4 CHINESE CHAMPIONSHIP Gabble"plectrum"

The competition of Shell Cup FIA F4 CHINESE CHAMPIONSHIP in the second station was carried out in Chengdu International Circuit. Each driver implemented 90-minute test run together before the competition. The sunny weather brought tires higher requirement. All racing drivers changed ECSTAS700dry-weather tire which was supplied by Kumho Tire to conduct test run; tread design of unique slick tire made racers owned super road holding and controllability for dry track, so it was widely used for competitions all over the world. 

For the competition of this station, racing club used plectrum shift system for the racers used by each Motorcade. For the slight update of the racer, Leong Hon Chio, a member of BlackArts Racing team said that it was convenient to operate shift plectrum system, and the speed would be faster on the curve and shift was more sensitive. Jianian Zheng, a member of Glory Racing said that it could save energy to use plectrum in such racing track with compact rhythm. Tai'an Lin, a member of MRS Motorsport said that it was the good news for racing driver to have plectrum shift system, because plectrum could reduce consumption of racing driver's physical power and improve the accuracy and sensitivity of shift. 

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